Cocoa Spread
Cocoa Spread
Cocoa Spread
Cocoa Spread

Cocoa Spread

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It's been centuries since the cocoa bean took the world by storm and this rich, dark and decadent spread is a homage to her humble origins.

1. The Belgian Cocoa spread has a rich and natural chocolate flavor. Antioxidant-rich, the spread is just right to enhance pieces of bread, cookies, and cakes.

2. Enjoy the delicious taste of Liso spread on freshly toasted bread, cakes, pastries or in pure form and give a sensational start to your day.

3. 100% Vegetarian with no palm oil, no preservatives, no artificial colours and no artificial flavours.

4. Liso spreads are seasoned with all-natural ingredients with no trans fat and cholesterol. 

5. All our jars are freshly packed and usually come with 12 months of storage life. 


○ Palm Oil-Free

○ Rich Belgian Cocoa Butter

○ Sans Preservatives & Colours

Benefits: Smooth as Love, Sweet as Life

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