• Pure chocolate
    is like first love ~
  • intense,
  • With Líso Chocolatíer,
    every moment feels
    like falling in love,
    all over again.

We did not find chocolate. Chocolate found us.

Somewhere along our lives, we were taken on this remarkable journey of discovery, one one from which we have never wanted to return. Our passion for chocolate combines seamlessly with our love for travel and we found ourselves on a chocolate quest around the globe to discover new and exciting possibilities. Along with inspired flavours from natural ingredients and finer notes, we create edible art that we call our own - every chocolate from Liso is a work of pure passion; and everyday we keep on striving to make it better!

Welcome to the World of Líso Chocolatíer.

Allow us to take you on this extraordinary culinary voyage ~
an incredible multiverse of fine chocolate making lies waiting in anticipation!

“when you chance upon things in life, not because of any specific reason, but because of some hidden force somewhere or something in the back of your mind; you keep looking for it...”