Liso Hazelnut and Oreo layered ice cream cake



For layer: 1
  • - Split open the Oreo cookies and remove the cream
  • - Crush the cookies using a food processor
  • - Melt the unsalted butter and pour over the crushed cookies
  • - Mix well to combine
  • - In a deep dish, add in the buttered crumbs to form a layer
  • - Press down to make it even
  • - Freeze for upto half an hour to set
For layer: 2
  • - Add Liso hazelnut spread to melted/ softed vanilla ice cream
  • - Gently stir it in creating ripples of the spread in the ice cream
  • - Pour the ice cream over the biscuit base until evenly spread
  • - Freeze until the ice cream is set (best to keep it overnight if possible)
For Layer: 3
  • - Crumble dark chocolate cake with clean fingers
  • - Whip some whipping cream to form stiff peaks
  • - Add a cup of the cream into the cake crumbs
  • - Gently fold in until well combined
  • - Add the cake crumbs onto the ice cream layer
  • - Spread evenly and pat down
  • - Freeze for another half hour to set
  • - Spread a very thin layer of Liso’s hazelnut spread on top of the layer of cake
  • - Add whipping cream into a piping bag and pipe designs on the spread as desired
  • - Finish with halved Oreo cookies
  • - Refrigerate until time to serve
This party perfect dessert requires a little time but the end result is well worth the effort.


For layer: 1
  • Original oreos: 2 packs
  • Unsalted butter (melted): 1/2 cup
For layer: 2
  • Good quality vanilla ice cream: 400 g (I used 1 pack of Amul)
  • Liso hazelnut spread: 3 tbsps
For layer: 3
  • Dark chocolate cake/ slices: 1 small cake/ 2 packs
  • Whipped cream: 1 cup
  • Liso hazelnut spread
  • Whipped cream
  • Halved Oreo cookies


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