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Kishore George

Kishore George

Travelled the world for the past three years in a never ending quest for chocolate

I was a granite businessman before following my intuitions to make a career in chocolate making. I was running a very successful business – by any standards and because of certain ethical reasons I had to quit the business. Very often you chance upon things in life not because of any specific reason, but because of some hidden force somewhere or something in the back of your mind; you keep looking for it. I was going through a very difficult phase in my life when I went to Europe for 2 weeks on a pilgrimage. And it was then that it struck that I should do something that would have me working with on chocolate

Kishore George is an entrepreneur with a serious passion for chocolate. A global jetsetter, he has travelled the world for the past three years in a never ending quest for chocolate. Kishore has a wealth of training from Canada, Australia and Germany in bean to bar chocolate production, artisan and industrial manufacturing of chocolates.

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