Almond Spread
Almond Spread
Almond Spread
Almond Spread

Almond Spread

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This oh-so shiny almond spread may not look addictive but it's one smooth operator. Before you know it, you'll be licking the bottle clean!

1. A tasty, delicious and quick all-day Almond spread made with the finest Belgian Cocoa powder featuring the delectable richness of Almond.

2. Smooth spread to dress up breakfast toast, sandwiches at lunch, or with strawberries for dessert.

3. 100% Vegetarian with no palm oil, no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no artificial flavors.

4. Liso spreads are seasoned with all-natural ingredients with no trans fat and cholesterol. So you can enjoy the great taste of Almond with Belgian Cocoa powder without adding it to your waistline.

5. All our jars are freshly packed and usually come with 12 months of storage life.


○ Palm Oil-Free

○ Rich Belgian Cocoa Butter

○ Sans Preservatives & Colours

○ With 53% More Nuts

Benefits: Smooth as Love, Sweet as Life

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